Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ancestors Speak - We Are Temporary In This World


We are all products of what has come before – whether it is directly from our families, or from our tribes and villages, or even from our race.  This is evident as we look around the world at the events of war and terrorism.  The battles are not new ones; they are the same ones that have been fought for thousands of years.

I was in meditation and asked my guides why that was; why there was such animosity.  The Ancestors came in response to my question.  They showed me the pictures of injustices between two families, and the lining up of the friends and family on either side, and how anger sowed the seeds of jealousy, judgment, greed, animosity, and all the emotions that divide people.   They showed me how the parents fanned the seeds in the children, forcing the children to carry the legacy of the generations before them.  Children and their chance to explore something new, to become something different, were disregarded.  Children became the tool of the generations before them. 

The Ancestors went on to say that it did not matter because the body is temporary, and that many of the Beings could not come to stay in such dense energies and therefore, many lives were quite short.  Beings come in and get out.  The situation is perfect, and let it happen. 

These words made me feel like there was a greater plan around me.  Then a friend sent me this Invocation.  I share it with you so that you may use it and find peace.


Invocation of Forgiveness
Today, I call on the powers of forgiveness,
the hope that heals & wipes away resentment,
I am ready to forgive & heal old wounds.
I forgive you for the past, making way for friendship &
to forgive all who have hurt me in the past, deliberately
or by accident. I am ready to forgive myself for errors
made & things I have done in the past that I regret.
Healing replaces resentment, peace replaces anger
as forgiveness grows inside me, my heart lightens.
filling me with a sense of wellbeing & acceptance,
I embrace forgiveness, the great healer of hearts.

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