Saturday, 25 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Nature Your Soul



All the things that we need to live can come from Nature.  Nature has always been there for humans.  Now, however, man wants to replace Nature with things that are artificial.  Man thinks that humans can be fooled into thinking that artificial is better.

Nature tells us that the best things in the world for humans are the natural things – fresh fruit, fresh veggies, herbs, and large, healthy trees, fresh water, and the invigoration of the four seasons.  Today, give up the artificial.  Cook and eat fresh goods. 


Thursday, 23 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Be An Original


Nature creates species of things and then lets them develop the way that they need to.  Very few things in Nature are identical.  The amount of freedom and creativity within Nature is awe inspiring.

Humans however, seem to think that they need to "copy" someone else.  They believe that to mimic is to show praise.  Instead, it shows absence of originality and creativity.  To copy is to minimalize the beauty of the self.

Today, be your original self.


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Nature Speaks - What is Life?


When we are able to see all the little things that are amazing in Nature, then we have achieved the ability to move beyond the small things in life.  We have moved beyond the pettiness. 

Nature tells us and shows us so many beautiful things and so many miracles all the time.  Mostly, though, we do not see them.  We are locked in a rut of living that we consider to be our life.  Our life is so much more, if we let it be.

Chief Crowfoot, in the quote above, teaches us to look at all the little things that otherwise go unnoticed.  Today, step back from your regular steps in your life, and look for something different.  Look for the daily, little miracles that move through this world.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Nature Speaks - Spring Equinox 2017



Nature and the calendar are not always in agreement.  Today, the calendar tells us that it is the Spring Equinox.  In the northern hemisphere, it tells us that the days will now be long and warm.  Most of the snow and cold are behind us.

It tells us that the early flowers and herbs will be poking out their green shoots.  On the west coast, the spring bulbs will be growing and out in bloom. 

Nature announces spring by giving the birds a new, happier note to sing in the morning.  The robins arrive.  The rabbits do their athletic, complex mating dance.  All beings that hibernate come out of their dens. 

The world feels alive and vibrant. The world is healing, peaceful. Life feels tranquil.


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