Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Buddha Speaks - Action


Human beings are creatures of action.  As we move down a spiritual path, we sometimes forget that we still need to do, or to be part of an ongoing action.  It might be raising a family, or being a forest ranger.  It may be that we need to run or to work out.  Whatever action calls to you is the action that you need to honour.  It is a different calling for each of us because we are unique.  And yes, the calling might be similar but it will not be exact.

How do we move through the changes as we get our calls for action?  First, recognize that the call is a blessing.  We may get it early in life or very late.  Some get the calling and ignore it. Second, realize that the call to action may change you, and, it may cause your family and friends to forsake you.  When people say that you have changed, they do not necessarily mean it as a compliment. Third, know that it will take some planning on your part to make the change gracefully. 


Sunday, 21 August 2016

Angels Speak–Building Strength


The Angels tell us that we change over time.  How that change occurs is your choice.  You can choose to accept and meet the new challenges that show up every day.  A challenge can be something at work, with your family, with a friend, or even with yourself. 

You can choose not to accept the challenges.  As you push away from the challenge, you will find that you have a headache or a pain in your body.  The more you reject the challenges, the more your body will hurt until one day you have a disease. 

The Angels tell us that this too is a challenge, one that you need to face head on, or not. 

Life is about learning to build your character with love, in love with yourself and the rest of creation.


Friday, 19 August 2016

Angels Speak - Do You Want To Change The World?



Changing anything is never easy because we like our habits.  So changing the world is a huge task. 

The Angels say that if you want to change the world, do not ask for permission.  Ask if you need help for some task.  Go out and do the best that you can.  Expect some set backs.  Plan for the big picture. And, do not give up.

Achieve your change in small steps and enjoy life while you are working at the change.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Angels Speak–Endurance


Have you ever had a job that you needed to do, and left it because you were too tired?  I think most people have had that experience.  The Angels tell us that we can ask for help to rejuvenate or to re-energize to finish something.

The Angels directed me to these affirmations that appeared on http://affirmyourlife.blogspot.com/2009/08/energy-affirmations.html.

  • All the energy I require is mine for the asking.
  • All the positive energies of the universe are flowing through me.
  • All the positive energies of the universe are flowing through me.
  • As I breathe slowly and deeply, I become more relaxed and energized.
  • Being energized is easy when I am living my purpose.
  • Boundless energy infuses my body and soul.
  • Divine energy is flowing through me with every breath I take.
  • Each day I wake up with more energy than the day before.

These may help you when you are bone tired.